It's not too often that you see a company who is so far ahead that they know what their customers want before the customer does. Such is characteristic of massively successful companies like Apple who took such giant leaps of innovation that they invented an industry.

After setting up a few stores, a few integrations and a bunch of products in Elliot, it's clear that Elliot is one of those companies. They understand that the 2020's will be the decade of the passion economy,  the creators,  the community builders and anyone else looking to monetize on their brand and audience. For the creators and builders who want to monetize their audience, they're going to need a platform to help them build out and manage their brand. Cue *Elliot*. Unlike other ecommerce companies like Shopify, Elliot doesn't require the user to install any plugins to get the full functionality that an online business needs. The way I like to think about it is that "it just works" (heh we're sticking with the Apple theme). Such plugins can become burdensome to manage, time consuming to install and can create a financial barrier to entry for those who are just getting started in ecommerce. Elliot is breaking these barriers by integrating all of the features that an ecommerce store could wish for, natively.

So what's Elliot?

Elliot accommodates the person just getting started with $0 in revenue and the $50M brand with the same software. No plugins. No bull configuration of 20 apps to get your store up and running and doing the back-office work necessary to build your business and brand. My gripe with Shopify has been all the work that goes into setting up a store, managing a bunch of plugins and dealing with the traditional Shopify shenanigans. As we edge closer to low-to-no friction software in every industry(look at Tiktok- low friction social content creation and distribution, friction podcast creation and distribution...the list goes on), the tolerance for friction in software setup will go down. This is one place where Elliot kills the competition. Over the past week I've been working on setting up a new Shopify store to house some products that I dropship--this means I needed to install Oberlo(a Shopify plugin that helps you source products from suppliers and brings the products into your Shopify store for you) and navigate it's setup, among other things. To put it in perspective, I started last Sunday at 2 PM and probably worked on everything for 3 hours....and the store is still not live.  

So, when I started thinking about what I'd use to setup the Fintech Today merch store, it was quite obvious I needed to give Elliot whirl. In comparison to Shopify, I logged into Elliot today at 1 AM and had a storefront up, fully integrated with Printify, by 1:30 AM. And it's not's actually dope.

In a half an hour, I was able to get the following:

  • A fully functional (and dare I say beautiful) storefront
  • Back-office management/logistics (I turned Printify, a supply and fulfillment company, on with the flip of a switch and the copy/paste of an API key)
  • Fully managed logistics and shipping(cross-border)

What's Elliot got to offer?

Storefront & Payments

With Elliot, you have two main options to sell your products: a storefront or a payments page.

If you're looking to sell an array of products, build a presence around your brand and scale your ecommerce game, creating a storefront is what you want to do. In a matter of a few clicks, you can create sleek storefront that hosts your products. If you want some more customization, you can use the "Look and Feel" builder to customize the look of your storefront.

Alternatively, if you're looking to sell products in a one-off manner, you can easily create a sleek single page payment page to host an individual product. This process is automatic and allows you to start selling your product in a matter of minutes.

The ability to go live in under an hour is insane. I've wasted so much time on Shopify just fooling around with plugins and settings in order to get things working, so being able to get things out in under an hour is amazing.

Back-office management & Logistics

Elliot makes it so you don't have to worry about the stuff that keeps people in ecommerce up at night. They take care of cross-border shipping(this includes automatically generating all the customs stuff– they use their secret sauce to do this), inventory management, product importing and more. It's never been easier to become a global brand... literally all you have to do is create a product in Elliot, create a payments page, and rake in the $$. If you're fulfilling the orders yourself, you just print out the auto-generated shipping labels, smack them on that box and ship it. Or if  you're opting for the less involved approach and dropshipping your product, Elliot will automatically coordinate with your supplier to fulfill and ship your product, minimizing your friction with the system.

The Magical Checkout

At the end of the day, customers are going to convert at a higher rate when the process to purchase is easy, seamless and somewhat magical. As a society, we are progressively losing patience with technologies that don't keep up with our ever shrinking attention span. So it's more important than ever to capture the user and get them in and out of checkout before they cop out.

2 clicks. That's all it takes for me to get this dope finfluencer shirt(that I may or may not have made) delivered to my door. Now that is what I call magical. By limiting the friction that a customer has to have with Elliot, the checkouts have a superior advantage over the competition. I also want to emphasize the style that goes into their checkouts. It's simple enough where I don't get distracted, but the minimalism has an allure that isn't present in many modern checkouts. By focusing on customer interactions that opt for minimal friction, Elliot is keyed up to be a favorite of Gen Z. Low friction, fast, beautiful. That's the expectation of most genzers. Elliot accomplishes all of these with seamless customer interactions.

The pricing model

Oh and did I mention that there's no upfront cost to signup. No monthly fee. None  of that crap. They make money when you move product. Period. So you've got nothing to lose by signing up.

What I see in the future

I'm not usually one to bet, but I'd say Elliot is going to blow up in the very near future. As people start to catch on, I predict growth will be exponential. Elliot is uniquely positioned to capture the commerce of the next generation of consumers, brands, and businesses. We are living world where technology evolves faster than I can post on twitter...the companies who can't adapt will be eaten alive.

FYI: this is part one of a two part series. I'll be throwing together a little tutorial/walk through for anyone that wants to grow on Elliot. HMU on twitter with your thoughts.